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  • Biasi Fuel Oil Boiler - Model B-10 B-8

    - 257000 BTU - 86.8% Efficiency - With Hydrostat 3250 and Assembled Riello Burner

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The B-10 B-8 183,000 Btu Biasi oil boiler have been heating residential and commercial buildings throughout the world for years. Biasi Oil Fired Boilers have proven its fuel efficiency and durability in countries where oil fuel can cost up to four times as much as in the U.S. The same oil fuel saving technology is now available here in North America. With Biasi's three pass oil boiler design and low water content, heat is quickly supplied for your heating zones and hot water needs. Combined with an outdoor reset control, you can achieve a fuel savings of up to 40% over conventional single pass oil fired boilers. You will also have peace of mind since the B-10 B-8 Biasi Oil Fired Residential Boilers package complies with ASME and UL standards and is IBR rated. The B-10  B-8 oil boiler system is the cost-competitive heat and hot water system of choice.

Riello Burner: a sharp clean light off with close to zero smoke.

Have you ever wondered why a Riello Burner seems to operate so much cleaner than either a Beckett or a Carlin? It can't be burning any cleaner; zero smoke is zero smoke. The big difference is Riello's insistence on pre-purge.

During start-up of a burner without pre-purge the oil valve in the pump opens at about 2400 RPM. At this point of start-up you only have 80% of the required air available and the end result is smoke until everything gets ironed out. You might think it's only a few seconds and won't make any difference, but let me remind you that the average oil burner starts thousands of times a year and soot is accumulative.

Now if you use pre-purge the burner has time to come up to speed and some draft will be established. The end result is a clean sharp light off with close to zero smoke.

Please Note: All Biasi Oil Boilers are to be sold and delivered locally by trained and licensed contractors.


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Technical Specs

Biasi Oil Fired Boiler B-10 B-8 Techs and Specs

  • Construction
    Cast Iron
  • Oil Burner
    Riello Burner
  • Btu Input
    257,000 Btu
  • Btu Output
    183,000 Btu
  • AFUE Efficiency
  • Water Contents
    8.7 gallons
  • Length
    35.5 Inches
  • Weight
    546 pounds
  • Maximum water working pressure
    58 PSI
  • Warranty
    limited lifetime warranty

Biasi Oil Fired Boiler B-10 B-8 Features

  • Biasi Oil Boilers can reduce heat and hot water costs by 50%
  • Equipped with Riello Burners
  • Biasi Oil Fired Boilers are UL and CUL Listed
  • Direct vent listed oil fired boiler (optional)
  • Super-efficient, three pass fuel/heat exchanger
  • Multi-fuel capability (adapts easily to oil or gas burners)
  • Biasi Oil Boilers use the smallest possible volume of water (as little as 3 gallons)
  • Low maintenance and is easy to access, easy to clean
  • Extra heavy insulation for low jacket and standby losses
  • Economical Biasi Oil Boilers can pay for itself when compared to boilers with conventional single-pass heat exchangers
  • Easy access swing door
  • Can be direct vented outdoors
  • Low water content boiler heats up faster with less fuel
  • Efficient 3-pass heat exchanger oil boiler design
  • GG20 cast-iron construction for superior heat retention and durability
  • As a Residential Boilers, Home Boiler or Commercial Applications
  • ASME, UL and IBR listed
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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