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  • Biasi Direct Vent Kit Single Penetration - DVH-5 COMBO

    - for Intake and Exhaust for Models B10/3 to B10/6

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Biasi DVH-5 COMBO Single Penetration Concentric Venting for entering fresh air and venting exhaust gas used with Biasi B10/3 to B10/6 and SG/2 to SB/4 oil boilers.

All gas and oil direct vent packages consist of stainless steek. double wall, flexible exhaust duct pipe and aluminum, flexible intake duct pipe. There are two versions of Gas and Oil vent kits available. The first version is the DVS-4,6 system which uses separate hoods for intake air and exhaust gases. The separate hood design isolates the intake air and exhaust gases minimizing the possibility of cross contamination. The second version is the DHV-5 system which uses a single hood for intake air and exhaust gases. Since the concentric hood design utilizes a single hood for the intake air and exhaust gases, it is only neccesary to provide one a penetration through the house.

All direct vent systems should be installed by a technician on the leeward side of the house out of the wind. If a system must be installed in a high wind situation, one of the DVS packages should be chosen. The separate hood design will avoid possible contamination of the exhaust gas into the intake air, which can result from the high winds.

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Biasi Direct Vent Kit Single Penetration - DVH-5 COMBO Features

  • Low cost when compared to a chimney
  • Easy installation
  • Burner has purging controls for clean operation
  • Coaxial and separate terminations available
  • Vent up to 200,000 BTU per hour
  • Tested to UL 726

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