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  • Webstone Primary Secondary Sweat Purge Tee - 58653

    - Pro-Pal Series - 1 1/4 inch Run by 3/4 inch Branch

    Product ID • WEB586530000

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product.


Webstone Pro-Pal Series Primary Secondary Sweat Purge Tee 1-1/4 inch Run by 3/4 inch Branch - 58653. Allows for placement of a ball valve between closely spaced tees.

Webstone 58653 Full Port Ball Valves with 4 inch Lever Handles, Sweat Connections and 1 1/4 inch connector by 3/4 Inch Branch.

When two circuits are interconnected, flow in one will not cause flow in the other if the pressure drop in the piping common to both is eliminated. This allows us to connect small circuits within one large system. Each pump becomes a specialist. The Closely spaced tees or primary loop, keep pumps of different sizes from fighting each other in one system. The added benefit is the ability to use smaller pumps. Smaller pumps cost less, use less electricity and are easier to work on. This means each zone can run and will not be affected by the other. Different size pumps can also be used. You can look at this as light construction for plumbing. Once your primary loop is set up, multiple secondary loops tie into each zone.

Not to be used for Domestic Hot or Cold Water Systems.

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