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  • Taco Differential Bypass Valve - 3196-1

    - 3/4 inch Threaded Connection

    Product ID • TACO31961000

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Taco Differential Bypass Valve with 3/4 inch Threaded Connection - 3196-1.

Taco Differential Pressure Valves are used to eliminate excessive pump head pressure when most hydronic radiator valves are closed due to reduced demand. Easy installation - requires no electrical hookup. Provides silent, trouble-free service.

Taco Differential Bypass Valves should also be used to prevent dead heading of the circulator in systems where parallel piped heat emitters are controlled by thermostatic radiator valves.

Ideal for Radiant Panel, Baseboard Heating Systems or Hydronic Radiators where you are running the heating loop all the time and risk that nothing is open to except boiler heat.

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Technical Specs

Taco Differential Bypass Valve - 3196-1 Techs and Specs

  • Size
    3/4 inch
  • Connection
  • Construction
    Brass Body, Indicator and Union Nut
  • Differential pressure range
    0 to 7.5 PSI
  • MAX Btu
    120,000 BTU's
  • Max Gallons Per Minute
    18 GPM
  • Max temperature
    200 Degree F
  • Max pressure
    200 PSI

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