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  • Spirotherm Spirotop Air Release - VTP-050

    - 1/2 Inch NPT

    Product ID • SPIVTP050001

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The Spirotop VTP-050 low profile and high-compression valve combine to give you a leak-resistant, high point vent that fits just about anywhere. Moreover, Spirotop resists dirt particles and sudden pressure shocks, which can cause ordinary vents to leak.
When filling or draining a system, venting high points, or eliminating air locks, the Spirotop automatic air vent is the only choice for those who want reliable, problem-free results every time.

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Technical Specs

Spirotherm Spirotop Air Release - 1/2 Inch NPT - VTP-050 Features

  • Continuous air venting
  • Maintenance free
  • 270 Degree F maximum temperature
  • Reliable vacuum breaker for system draining
  • Quick removal of large air bubbles
  • 1/2 male thread at vent point for pressure testing or remote venting of unwanted gasses
  • 20 year Limited Warranty

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