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The Heat Timer Five-Zone Control that can operate either Zone Pumps or Zone Valves. One Zone Control to Stock. The same control can be configured to operate either Zone Pumps or Zone Valves with End Switches. Just select the proper output.

Domestic Hot Water Zone. The first Zone can be configured either as a heating zone or a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) zone. The DHW Zone can then be configured to either have priority or to run without priority. When Priority is selected, An adjustable Priority Time Delay is provided for better control.

Secondary Hard to Heat Priority Zone. Even with DHW Priority set, the ZCP can configure a zone to be excluded from the priority. This can be helpful for hard to heat zones. The ZCP will provide heat to those zones even during DHW priority calls.

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Technical Specs

Heat-Timer ZCP Zone Control Panel - 926577-00 Techs and Specs

  • Zone Operation Modes
    Zone Valve or Zone Pump
  • Voltage Input
    120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption
    15 VA Max
  • System Pump and Boiler Outputs
    2 N.O. S.P.S.T
  • Zone Outputs
    5 Zones (Sourcing Power)
  • Zone Power
    Either 24VAC or 120VAC depending on the input to the Source terminals
  • Zone Pump Output Relay Ratings
    1/8 HP, 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Zone Valve Output Relay Ratings
    24VA (1 Amp, 24 VAC 60 Hz)
  • Control Operating Mode
    Master or Slave
  • Size
    3 1/2 Inches by 13 1/4 Inches by x 8 3/4 Inches
  • Weight
    2 pounds
  • ZCP Communication Cable

Heat-Timer ZCP Zone Control Panel - 926577-00 Features

  • The ZCP has five built-in zone outputs in addition to boiler and system pump outputs
  • The ZCP has Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Priority
  • Ease of zone output wiring. Connect you zone outputs power source to one location on the ZCP. The ZCP will then power the zone pumps or zone valves
  • Ease of thermostat input wiring. If your thermostat requires 24vac powering, just connect the transformer to the ZCP 24VAc input. The ZCP will then provide power to the thermostat inputs
  • Add additional zones using another ZCP. Up to two ZCPs can be daisy chained for a total of 10 zone control
  • Remote Enable/Disable (On/Off). Configure the On/Off input terminals to act as a thermostat call or connect it to a an outdoor reset control like the HWE-SS

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