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  • Heat-Timer Varivalve Straight Type Steam Radiator Valve Quick Vent - 925006

    - Steam Radiators Only

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Heat-Timer Varivalve Straight Type Steam Radiator Valve - 925006

The function of the Heat-Timer Varivalve Radiator Air Vent is to provide a means for air to be driven out of the radiator as steam enters. At a given pressure the fill time of a radiator varies proportional to its heat capacity and inversely proportional to the venting capacity of the radiator air vent. It is possible to control the speed at which a radiator will fill with steam by installing a Heat-Timer Varivalve Radiator Air Vent with a certain venting capacity. Used in this manner, radiator air vents are helpful in evening out the heat distribution in a building.

Varivalve Exclusive Fingertip Adjustment

Simply slide a lever allows you to adjust venting rate. Each Radiator has its own venting speed. Long Term Fuel Savings.

Large Variable Orifice

Allows adjustment of up to 5/16 Inch. Makes steam radiators heat up fast.  Simplifies balancing of systems by providing the fastest heat for hard-to-heat rooms and allowing reduction of heat to overheated areas. Heat Timer Varivalve Steam Vent is for low-pressure one pipe steam heating systems.

Phosphor Bronze Bellows

Insures positive shutoff! Quiet Operation! No Clicking or hissing. Outlasts bi-metal air vents.

High Temperature "O" Ring Seal

For Positive sealing.

Seat and Poppet at inlet to valve

Steam or condensation does not enter valve body.

Heavy Duty Construction & Contemporary Styling

Solid brass case with heavy chrome plating. Available in straight or Straight body.   

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Technical Specs

Heat-Timer Varivalve Straight Valve - 925006 Techs and Specs

  • Application
    Steam Radiator Vent
  • Size
    1/8 Inch
  • Thread
  • Type
    Steam Only
  • Material
  • Mount
  • Temperature Range (F)
    140 to 250 Degrees F

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