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  • Cash Acme FVMX-5C 150 PSI Commercial Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve - 16934-0150

    - 3/4 inch w/male inlet - 150 PSI - Max 205000 BTU - Domestic Hot Water Heaters

    Product ID • CASHFVMX5C00

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Cash Acme Tempertaure and Press Relief Valve 3/4 inch with 4 inch element - FVMX-5C - 16934-0150. 

Design AGA certified per ANSI Z21.22 Relief Valves and Automatic Gas Shutoff Devices. Bronze body, stainless steel spring, furnished with test lever. Standard factory setting is 150 psi. Temperature relief is 210°F (99°C). All FV Series valves through 1-1/4" have coated thermal elements. Protects against corrosion and mineral build-up. The coating also isolates the copper from galvanic action within the heater.

Not used for Hydronic Boilers.

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Technical Specs

Cash Acme Commercial Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve 3/4 inch FVMX-5C 16934-0150 Features

  • Incorporates an inert thermal element coating
  • Ideal for all domestic water heater applications (Tanks or Tankless)
  • Up to 205,000 BTU
  • Male pipe thread connection
  • Maximum temperature 210 Degree F (hot water)
  • Completely automatic and reseats after temperature or pressure relief

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