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  • Caleffi Discal Dirt Separator - 546100A

    - 4 inch ANSI Flange

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Caleffi Dirt Separator 4 Inch ANSI Flange - 546080A.

Dirt separators are used to continuously remove the and debris contained in the hydronic circuits of heating and cooling systems. The discharge of these devices is very high. They are capable of automatically removing all of the present in the system down to the microbubble level. The DISCALDIRT and dirt separator also removes any solid impurities in the system. The impurities collect at the bottom of the device and can be flushed through the integal drain shut-off valve.

The Caleffi DISCAL air separator uses a coalescing element that consists of an element of concentric diamond pattern mesh surfaces. This element creates the whirling movement required to facilitate the release of micro-bubbles and their adhesion to these surfaces. The bubbles, fusing with each other, increase in volume until the bouyancy force overcomes the adhesion force to the surface. They rise to the top of the unit from where they are released through a float-operated automatic air release valve.

The circulation of fully de-aerated and cleaned water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from noise, corrosion, or mechanical damage.

The dirt separator separates off these impurities, which are mainly made up of particles of sand and rust, collecting them in a large collection chamber, from which they can be removed even while the system is in operation. This device is capable of efficiently removing even the smallest particles, with extremely limited head loss.



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Technical Specs

Caleffi Dirt Separator 4 Inch ANSI Flange - 546100ATechs and Specs

  • Size
    4 Inch
  • Connection
    ANSI Flange
  • Capacity Gallons
    7.8 Gallons
  • Maximum Working Pressure
    150 PSI
  • Temperature Range
    32 to 250 Degrees F
  • Suitable fluids
    Water or Glycol Solution
  • Maximum Glycol
  • Weight
    78 Pounds

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