Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and AutoFill Valves

  • Caleffi Autofill Boiler Feed Valve - 553549A = v7892

    Caleffi Autofill Boiler Feed Valve

    Pre-adjustable automatic filling unit, anti-scale, visual system pressure setting indicator. Complete with manual shutoff valve, strainer and check valve.

  • Autofill Boiler Feed, Reducing Valves, BackFlow Preventers and Combo from Caleffi, Cash Acme and  Watts = v7891

    Caleffi Back Flow Preventers

    Caleffi Back Flow Preventers with Dual check continuous pressure backflow preventer with atmospheric vent. NPT Female union connections, threaded

  • Caleffi 1/2 inch SW Boiler Feed and AutoFill Combination - 573009A = v7895

    Caleffi Backflow Preventer Auto Fil

    Caleffi Backflow Preventer AutoFill Combination 573009A Pre-adjustable automatic filling unit with backflow preventer

  • Watts Backflow Preventer - 9DS-1/2 = v4486

    Watts Boiler Backflow Preventers

    Use Watts Backflow Preventers to keep Boiler Water (with or without antifreeze) from entering domestic (Potable) water supply.

  • Cash Acme Back Flow Preventer/Pressure Reducing Valve Combination - 23029-0014 = v7899

    Cash Acme Combo Fill & Backflow

    Cash Acme BFAC accurately reduces system pressure down to 14 psi while preventing the back-siphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply

  • Cash Acme Back Flow Preventer - BFP 21574-0000 = v7897

    Cash Acme Backflow Preventers

    Cash Acme Backflow Preventers Prevents backflow of contaminated water into potable water supply lines. Ideal for boiler feed lines

  • Watts Combination Backflow Preventer/Fill Valve - B911S (0386462) = v7900

    Watts Combo Fill & Backflow

    Used on boiler supply feed lines to provide make-up water to the boiler. Prevents backflow when supply pressure falls below system pressure.