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  • AIC Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - B6-700

    - 1-1/2 inch NPT Tube connection - 2inch NPT Shell connection - 700000 Btu's

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AIC Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger B6-700 with up to 700,000 btu with 1 1/2 inch NPT Tube connection and 2 inch NPT Shell connection - B6-700 for pools up to 62,000 Gallons.

For high fluid flows with low temperature variances, select our Shell and Tube heat exchangers. Most commonly used for Fressh Water or Medium Chlorinated pools, Koi Ponds, Shell and Tube heat exchangers work well in radiant heating systems and other hydronic heating and solar applications.

Chloride Concentration Level below 0.8mg/l - Long Term and Chloride Concentration Level below 1.2g/l - Short Term. If for a Salt Pool or Higher levels of Chloride - look to our AIC TW line of Titanium Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

Shell and Straight Tube Heat Exchangers are fabricated with Stainless Steel 316L and the distinctive AIC helically corrugated tube design. Intended for use with high fluid flows and low temperature variances, these robust, compact units are ideal for many residential and industrial applications.


Solar Pool Heating System

Our complete line of shell and tube heat exchangers for solar pool heating systems. To promote longevity of all the system components, instead of placing chlorine or salt pool water directly through the solar panels, utilize an external AIC heat exchanger for a more versatile, robust solar design.

The shell and tube heat exchangers are defined by their distinctly unique tube designs, either corrugated straight tubes or smooth coiled tubes, which were engineered to maximize the use of solar energy; thus increasing the overall thermal efficiency of the system.

Available in a broad range of sizes, and a selection of different materials to suit the specific requirements.


Solar Pool Heater Legend

1. Solar Collector Array

2. Heat Exchanger

3. Swimming Pool

4. Pump

5. Filtration

6. Chlorine Feeder

7. Circulation Pump

8. Flow Control Valve

9. Gate Valve

10. Check Valve

11. Thermometer

12. Safety Releif Valve


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Technical Specs

AIC Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - B6-700 Techs and Specs

  • Model
  • Contsruction Material
    Stainless Steel 316L
  • Max Pool Capacity
    62,000 Gallons
  • Max Btu
  • Connection Shell
    1 1/2 NPT inch
  • Connection Tubes
    2 NPT inch
  • Max Working Pressure
    150 PSI
  • Max Working Temperature
    208 Degrees F
  • Heat Transfer Area
    12.40 Square Feet
  • Hot Water PSIG
  • Hot Water USGPM
  • Cold Water PSIG
  • Cold Water USGPM
  • Chloride Concentration Long Term
    Below 0.8mg/l
  • Dimensions
    4.6 Inches by 24.5 Inches
  • Weight
    18 Pounds
  • Manafactured

AIC Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 700,000 btu - B6-700 Features

  • Compact, economical design proven to be a popular choice for many residential and industrial applications
  • Constructed completely from welded 316L stainless steel
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers transfer heat from one liquid medium to another with no intermixing of the two fluids
  • Requires the fluid to be pumped into both sides at once
  • The B6-700 Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers can transfer up to 700,000 BTU’s per hour
  • The amount of heat transferred is dependent on the delta T (difference of temperature between the two fluids). It also depends on the amount of fluid moving through both sides of the heat exchanger

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