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  • Williams Programmable Direct Vent Gas Wall Heater - Natural Gas - 1773512

    - 17,700 Btu - Color Almond

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Williams Gas Heater 17735 Series Gas Wall Heaters are all Direct Vent and Sealed Combustion Gas Space Heaters. They provide clean and safe heat for your home. Williams 1773512 gas heaters uses outside air for combustion which is safer and can save up to 15% on your gas bill as compared to old style non direct vent gas wall heaters. With efficiency of over 80% - these Williams 1773512 Gas Wall Heaters are one of the most efficient ways to heat with gas in North America.

Williams Gas Heater 17735 is rated for 2,000 feet and may be derated for up to 5,500 feet in elevation.

Williams Gas Heater 17735 Series gas heater are an economical heating solution and because it is a ductless heating system there's no cycle or duct heat loss. That 82% is pure heat! Ideal for supporting existing, insufficient heating system or for rooms without heating equipment. The flue terminal lies flush with the wall and extends only 1-1/8", the smallest vent and easiest installation in the industry.

Williams Gas Heater 17735 Series gas wall heaters gain their efficiency and versatility by being Gas Fired Forced Draft Heaters. These heaters operate by forcing outside air through the intake pipe and heating it inside the unit. “Whispersmooth” fans then quietly radiate the heat throughout the room. Combustion takes place in an airtight, sealed chamber which is completely isolated from the room, providing total safety. And because the combustion is gas fired, these heaters provide a greater economy than electric heaters. Combustion exhaust is then safely discharged to the outside through the same vent as the intake. The Unique Humidification System allows you to add water so you can keep moisture in winter's dry air.

Note to our Vermont Customers: Williams Heaters are non-stock items and are not available for pick-up at our Barre Location.  The only option for delivery is LTL Truck direct shipment to your residence.

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Technical Specs

Williams Gas Wall Heaters 17735 Series Specs

  • Input Rating
    17,700 BTU
  • Output Rating
    14,514 BTU
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Max Air Flow
    129 CFM
  • Programmable Timer
  • Humidification System
  • Inlet Pipe Diameter
    3 7/8 inch
  • Exhaust Pipe Diameter
    2 3/8 inch
  • Maximum Wall Thickness
    19 5/8 inch
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    5 7/8 inch
  • Wall Hole Diameter
    2 inch
  • Weight
    57 lbs
  • Length
    21 3/4inch
  • Height
    28 1/8 inch
  • Depth
    8 1/4 inch
  • Gas Connection
    1/2 inch NPT
  • Maximum Wall Thickness
    19 5/8 inch
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    5 7/8 inch
  • Noise Level at 10 ft

Williams Gas Wall Heater 17735 Series Advantages

  • Instant heating where you need it and when you need it. Three minutes are all that is needed for Williams gas fired unit heaters to warm up rooms. Compared with conventional heating systems (hot water central heating), the use of an air-to-air system offers instant heating according to your needs
  • Choosing Williams gas fired unit heaters means choosing an independent and modular system, which allows different rooms to be heated to different temperatures

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