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  • Williams Direct-Vent Gas Furnace - Natural Gas - 30,000 Btu - 3003822

    - Direct Vent Wall Heater - 30000 Btu - No Electricity Required

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Williams Direct-Vent Gas Furnace - Natural Gas - 30,000 Btu - 3003822

 With its' attractive styling, economical and safe heating comfort is achieved with this popular home furnace. Compact, space saving direct-vent heaters feature low cost installation and come equipped with all vent material. Heat only the room you're in while saving fuel costs in unused areas. The Williams furnace's design features a sealed combustion chamber, making it great for garage or workshop heating. No electricity required, great during power outages. It is direct vented with a "Matchless" pilot igniter and safety controls included. An optional external Thermostat and blower are also available.  This unit comes from the factory set up for Natural Gas.

For clean, comfortable heat when and where you want it. The gas flame is completely sealed inside, away from all contact with room air. Air necessary for combustion is drawn into the chamber from outside through direct wall vent, and all combustion products are vented directly to the outside. Only clean, gentle heat, in continuous circulation is delivered into the room. Windows and doors can stay closed because no room air is used for combustion.

Important Safety Notice: The surface temperature of wall furnaces can exceed 200° Fahrenheit. Avoid touching the furnace while it is in use. If children will be present, provide a physical barrier to prevent accidental contact with the furnace.

For Elevations above 4,500 feet, reduced ratings of 4% per 1,000 feet

Note to our Vermont Customers: Williams Heaters are non-stock items and are not available for pick-up at our Barre Location.  The only option for delivery is LTL Truck direct shipment to your residence.

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Technical Specs

Williams Direct Vent Wall Furnace Natural Gas 3003822 Specs

  • Gas Type
    Natural Gas
  • Input Rating
    30,000 Btu
  • AFUE Efficiency
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Thermostat
    Millivolt Thermostat may be wall mounted or unit mounted
  • Unit Mounting
  • Electricity
    None Required except for Optional Blower
  • Vent
    Direct Vented
  • Matchless Piezo igniter
  • Blower
  • Vent Cap
    Ships with up to 5 to 9 inch Wall Thickness Optional Vent Extension to 24 inches
  • Combustion Chamber
    Long Life Ceramic Coated
  • Weight
    100 lbs
  • Width
    32 1/8 inches
  • Height
    28 inches
  • Depth
    10 1/4 inches
  • Gas Connection
    1/2 inch NPT
  • Color
    Soft White Powder-Coat
  • Recommended Minimum Clearance
    Sidewall 2 inchs
  • Recommended Minimum Clearance
    Top 18 inches
  • Recommended Minimum Clearance
    Floor 1 3/16 inches

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