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  • Eskabe Heater Direct Vent Gas Space Heater - Natural Gas - DVEL 8 NG

    - 8,000 BTU - Gas Wall Furnace

    Product ID • ESKDVEL8NG00

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Eskabe Direct DVEL 8 Vent Direct Vented Natural Gas Wall Heaters vent through any outside wall (up to 10 inches thick). Eskabe DVEL 8 Direct Vent Gas Heater uses outside air for combustion and the burnt gases are vented outside. Eskabe DVEL 8 Natural Gas Direct Vent Heater burns efficiency is approximately 80%, so you get excellent value for your fuel dollar. Each Eskabe gas wall heater INCLUDES the vent kit, so the only thing you need to do is cut a round hole through the wall, install the vent kit, and hook up a gas line. No special insulation or fire-proofing is required for the vent kit.

Eskabe gas wall heater uses a dual-wall pipe that exhausts the hot gases through the center pipe while bringing in cooler outside air through the outside pipe. 

Please Note: With the standard injector, Eskabe DVEL 8 Natural Gas Heaters can be used up to 2,000 feet altitude. Optional injectors are available for:

2,001 to 4,500 feet 4,501 to 8,500 feet 8,501 to 10,000 feet  

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Technical Specs

Eskabe Heater Natural Gas DVEL 8 Techs and Specs

  • Power input (Btu/h)
  • Power output (Btu/h)
  • Thermostat
  • Fuel
    Natural Gas (NG)
  • Weight
    26.17 lbs
  • Cabinet Height
    20 inches
  • Cabinet Width
    13 5/8 inches
  • Cabinet Depth
    5 9/16 inches
  • Flue Vent Opening Required
    5 inches
  • Direct Vent Gas Heater
  • Minimun Wall Thicknes
    4 1/2 inches
  • Maximun Wall Thicknes
    10 inches
  • Manufacturer Warranty
    1 Year and 10 Years on Burner

Eskabe Gas Heater DVEL 8 Natural Gas Features

  • Does not require electricity
  • The controls are conveniently located on the top. Included is a push-button piezo igniter to light the pilot
  • On the DVEL 8 - 8k btu model, the control knob allows you to select Off, Low or High heat settings and the heater will stay in that mode until you change it

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