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Regency Traditional Gas Fireplaces

  • Regency Panorama P33 Gas Fireplaces = v8351

    Regency Panorama P33 Fireplace

    Perfect for smaller living spaces, the P33 offers all of the stylish options in a compact size. Enjoy a robust fire complete with glowing embers and an authentic fire grate

  • Regency Panorama P36 Gas Fireplace = v7726

    Regency Panorama P36 Fireplace

    The P36 Fireplace offers many different ways to create your own unique fireplace. Together with a Regency mantel, you can create and design your own fireplace

  • Excalibur P90 Medium Gas Fireplaces = v8431

    Excalibur P90 Gas Fireplace

    The Excalibur P90 Medium Gas Fireplace is a designer fireplace with a multitude of custom options.

  • Regency Panorama P121 & P131 Gas Fireplace = v7800

    Panorama P121 & P131 Fireplace

    Two Rooms...One Fire. Enjoy the largest Regency fire and log set in two rooms at once, sharing the heat and view.

  • Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplaces - Traditional Gas Fireplaces = v12263

    Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplaces

    Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplace in Propane Gas or Natural Gas. Large Heaters with up to 42,000 Btu's