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  • Regency - Hampton Medium Natural Gas Deep Flush Fireplace - P36D-NG10

    Product ID • PANP36DNG100

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The P36 Fireplace offers many different ways to create your own unique fireplace. See the complete list of options and let your imagination run wild. Together with a Regency mantel, you can create and design your own fireplace. 

Direct vent technology allows flexible installations - you can have a Panorama fireplace almost anywhere in your home without the cost of an expensive, elaborate chimney. Simply vent your fireplace through an outside wall and finish it with the patented AstroCap Venting System. The AstroCap can be painted to blend in with your home's exterior wall to guarantee a professional finish.

Choose a slim or deep firebox for your P36. Enjoy the large viewing area and full flame of the deep fire. Or, for installations in tighter spaces, choose the warm glow of the slim fire. Either way, you can finish your fire by selecting on of many flush or bay front styles.

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Technical Specs

Regency P36 Specs

  • Front Firebox Width
    36 inches
  • Rear Firebox Width
    33 1/4 inches
  • Height
    32 1/2 inches
  • Height with Standout
    36 inches
  • Depth
    12 3/4 inches (P36)
  • Depth
    17 1/8 inches (P36D)
  • Maximum BTU
    30,000 (NG) - 30,000 (LP)
  • Minimun BTU
    15,500 (NG) - 15,000 (LP)
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Flue size
    4 inches (Inner)
  • Flue size
    6 5/8 inches (Outer)

P36 Standard Features

  • Beautiful fire with glowing logs, embers and fire grate
  • Flame height adjustment control with up to 50% turn down
  • Louver mounted controls
  • Flush front with ceramic safety glass
  • Black brick panel floor (P36D only)

P36 Optional Features

  • Slim or deep fire
  • Louvers (P36 Flush only)
  • Glass trim
  • Finishing trim
  • Double screen doors (flush)
  • Full screen doors (flush)
  • Tripoli 3 panel arch door (flush)
  • Brick panels
  • Variable speed blower
  • FireGenie Remote Control
  • Wall thermostat
  • Regency mantels
  • Vertical or horizontal vent terminations
  • Heat Wave Power Duct Kit
  • Heat Release Kit
  • AstroCap Venting System

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