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Gas Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

  • Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplaces - Traditional Gas Fireplaces = v12263

    Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplaces

    Regency Bellavista Gas Fireplace in Propane Gas or Natural Gas. Large Heaters with up to 42,000 Btu's

  • Regency Horizon Gas Fireplaces - Contemporary Gas Fireplaces = v12272

    Regency Horizon Gas Fireplaces

    Regency Horizon Contemporary Gas Fireplace in Propane Gas or Natural Gas. Large Heaters from 13,000 Btu's up to 42,000 Btu's

  • Hampton Gas Stoves Model H35 = v217

    Hampton Gas Stoves H35

    Hampton Gas Stoves H35. Hampton H35 Large Cast Iron Gas Stove. Gas Fireplace Logs in Vermont

  • Hampton Gas Stoves Model H15  = v249

    Hampton H15 Gas Stoves

    With a Hampton H15 Gas Stove even your smaller living areas can be transformed with the timeless beauty of durable cast iron.

  • Hampton Gas Stoves Model H27 
 = v189

    Hampton H27 Gas Stove

    The Hampton H27 Gas Heating Stoves beautiful styling are matched by their unsurpassed fire and gas log package.

  • Regency Ultimate Gas Stoves U38 and U39 = v251

    Regency Gas Stoves U38 and U39

    The Regency U38 and U39 Ultimate Gas Stoves features the finest, most realistic gas fire available.

  • Regency Classic Gas Stoves C34 = v83

    Regency Classic Gas Stoves C34

    The Regency Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas.

  • Regency Panorama P36 Gas Fireplace = v7726

    Regency Panorama P36 Fireplace

    The P36 Fireplace offers many different ways to create your own unique fireplace. See the complete list of options and let your imagination run wild. Together with a Regency mantel, you can create and design your own fireplace

  • Regency U31 Energy Gas Insert = v7834

    Regency U31 Energy Gas Insert

    Eliminate Drafty Fireplaces...with style. The Hampton Gas U31 & U32 Insert turns any drafty fireplace into a designer heater.

  • Regency Panorama P33 Gas Fireplaces = v8351

    Regency Panorama P33 Fireplace

    Perfect for smaller living spaces, the P33 offers all of the stylish options of the Panorama family in a compact size. Enjoy a robust fire complete with glowing embers and an authentic fire grate

  • Excalibur E33 Large Gas Insert  = v8490

    Excalibur E33 Large Gas Insert

    Turn your existing drafty fireplace into an energy efficient heater by installing an E33 Gas Insert.

  • Regency Energy E21 Small Gas Insert  = v8507

    Regency Energy E21 Small Gas Insert

    The E21 Energy Gas Insert has been designed to fit almost anywhere - including bedrooms and alcoves.

  • Liberty L234 Gas Insert  = v8539

    Liberty L234 Gas Insert

    The Regency Liberty L234 is a clean front fireplace insert that will slide easily into your dated, drafty steel fireplace and transform it to a high efficiency heater in minutes.

  • Regency Panorama P121 & P131 Gas Fireplace = v7800

    Panorama P121 & P131 Fireplace

    Two Rooms...One Fire. Enjoy the largest Regency fire and log set in two rooms at once, sharing the heat and view.

  • Excalibur P90 Medium Gas Fireplaces = v8431

    Excalibur P90 Gas Fireplace

    The Excalibur P90 Medium Gas Fireplace is a designer fireplace with a multitude of custom options.

  • Caframo Ecofan Series 806 for Gas Stoves = v8977

    Caframo Ecofan Series 806

    Caframo Ecofan Series 806 are for use on freestanding gas stoves and some pellet and corn stoves with a surface temperature between 150°F — 300°F (65°C — 150°C).

  • M&G DuraVent Direct Vent Pro Venting = v8219

    DuraVent Direct Vent Pro Venting

    DirectVent Pro is a unitized, coaxial venting system designed for use with direct vent gas or propane stoves, heaters, and fireplaces.