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  • Myson Whispa III Wall Mounted Convector Heater - 9000WM / 9000 WM

    - Complete Unit - 3308 to 11750 Btu

    Product ID • WHISPA3WM900

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Myson's Whispa III 9000WM Fan Convector Heaters have set a new standard for reliability, heat output and design flexibility. The flush mounted wall heating unit fits between standard wall studs, providing high heat output with out-of-the-way positioning. With Convector Heat, you get rapid output - faster than traditional baseboards. Myson Whispa Heating Fan Convectors enameled face combines both the intake and output in an easy to clean faceplate that can be mounted at any height for true flexibility to blend with any decor. Whispa III Wall Heaters with Fan Convectors simply last longer, stay quieter and produce heat more efficiently, with lab-certified output.

Here's why:

Myson Whispa III 9000WM has a compact design. Myson's UltraHeat Hydronic Wall Heater design uses a special low head, high flow heat exchanger, proven to deliver it's high output rating, yet requires little space for room heating.

Whispa III 9000 WM Convector Heaters are engineered to last. Porus bronze sleeve fan bearings keep the Hydronic Heater Wall Heater quieter and last longer than conventional roller bearings. The rugged two-piece motor with permanently lubricated sealed bearings quickly delivers the BTU's you expect without strain, and that means less wear and longer life.

Whispa III 9000 WM's performance is guaranteed. These room heaters have been thoroughly tested and certified by an independent testing lab to deliver 100% of it's rated heat output. Myson's ISO 9002 certification recognizes a tradition of consistent high quality manufacturing.

The Whispa III 9000WM also comes in a Hydronic Floor Heater (Recessed).

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Technical Specs

Myson Whispa III 9000WM Hydronic Wall Heater Techs and Specs

  • Height
    19 1/8 Inches
  • Width
    19 1/2 Inches
  • Depth
    3 5/8 Inches
  • Wall Opening Height
    17 7/16 Inches
  • Wall Opening Width
    17 15/16 Inches
  • Grille Color
  • Low-limit thermostats
    close 109 degrees and reopen at 91 degrees
  • Btu/hr. Range
    3308 to 11750
  • Wiring
    Hard Wired
  • Replaces
    up to 19 feet of baseboard
  • Weight
    21 pounds
  • Warranty Heat Exchanger
    10 years - 3 years for the Fan Motor

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