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  • Solar Star IM 1200 Fan Gable Fan/Conversion Kit - 122025

    - 10 Watt

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Convert any vent into a Solar-Powered vent with a Solar Star Fan Conversion Kit - Gable Attic Fan

The Solar Star Attic Fan is a solar-powered attic ventilation system that is completely self-contained. When the sun is shining on the Solar Star's solar panel, electricity from the panel turns a powerful fan that moves up to 850 cubic feet per minute of hot attic air out of your house. That means humidity and temperature levels never reach critical activation levels that trigger electric powered attic fans. The Solar Star Attic Fan requires NO electrical hook-ups, NO electrician and it requires NO cost to operate. Best of all, it installs in under 30 minutes. The solar star attic fan has a seamless, one-piece flashing. Great for converting whirlybirds, gable vents, dormer vents and powered vents. Kit includes one 10-watt Solar Star solar panel, fan, 15 foot power cable and fastener kit. The Solar Star has a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and motor and a 10 year warranty on all other components.

  Boost performance of existing passive vents

Transform energy consuming and noisy powered vents into quiet solar-powered vents

Powered by the sun. NO electrical hook-up, NO electrician and requires NO cost to operate

Choose any sunny roof location to install attractive solar panel

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