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  • HNSF Solar Attic Fan - HNSF20W

    - 20 Watts

    Product ID • HNSRF20WSF00

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The HNSF 20 Watt Solar Attic Fan is a solar powered attic ventilation system that is completely self-contained. When the sun is shining on the Solar Attic Fan's solar panel, electricity from the panel turns a powerful fan that moves up to 1275 cubic feet per minute of hot attic air out of your house. That means humidity and temperature levels never reach critical activation levels that trigger electric powered attic fans. The HNSF-20 Watt Solar Attic Exhaust Fan requires NO electrical hook-ups, NO electrician and it requires NO cost to operate. Kit includes one 20-watt Solar Panel, High Output Fan, Stainless Steel Small Animal Screen and the casing is made out of Aluminum, not galvanized metal for long lasting performance.

The HNSF Solar Attic Exhaust Fan has a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and motor and a 10 year warranty on all other components.  

A quick and easy way to ensure that your attic does not reach excessive temperature with our HNSF Solar Attic Fan. Using the 20 Watt Solar Attic Fan is a simple way of controlling this. By mounting this unit on your roof with the convenience of included installation materials, your attic temperatures will be easily controlled. This solar attic fan requires no wiring because it runs exclusively from the sun. The HNSF-20 Watt Solar Attic Fan can fully cover an attic space of up to 2,000 sq. ft. and will operate at up to 1,275 cfm - use more than one for bigger areas.

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Technical Specs

HNSF Solar Powered Attic Fan - 20 WATT - HNSF20W Techs and Specs

  • Solar Pane Power Rating
    20 Watts
  • Output
    1,275 Cubic Feet per Minute
  • Casing
    Aircraft Grade Aluminum 1.5 mm
  • Bug and Bird Screen
    Stainless Steel
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat Setting
    On at 80 Degree F and Off at 70 Degree F
  • Size of Flashing
    26.5 Inches
  • Size of Solar Panel
    21.5 inches by 14 inches