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  • Joape Evaporative Misting Fan - Hurricane Wall Mount Grey

    - Grey - 6000 CFM - 110/220V


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The Joape Hurricane Wall Mounted model is a great option for commercial locations that require either fixed installation devices or fixed and portable combinations. Its low noise profile was developed to be used in leisure places, where people can want to talk, eat and relax, such as in restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, markets, etc. This is a mid-sized unit, between the 737 CYCLONE and the 777 TORNADO. This model is offered as a portable unit, to be use din combination with a water reservoir.  The fixed installation model can be mounted on a wall, or a beam, with a bracket that we supply. The coverage area of the HURRICANE is 1000 square feet. Actual coverage depends on your comfort requirement, the ambient temperature and air movement and of course, whether it is being used indoors or outdoors.

Produces Dry Mist
The Joape Hurricane produces a dry yet refreshing mist that won’t puddle or leave you feeling damp because of Joape’s patented disk technology, which allows for maximum cooling without the high-pressure pumps of most mist coolers. Water is broken down into 4-10 microns (smaller than average) before being delivered into the air as ultra-fine mist. The use of a disk system means you won’t have to unclog nozzles or replace filters. This misting fan is safe to use indoors as a supplement to air conditioning.

Additional Features
Mist and Speed Adjustment—Regulate mist control depending on the volume of mist you want to flow out of the fan. Eliminate Odors—By circulating dry, stale air, the Joape Bob Fan freshens your space and eliminates odors. Allergy Control—This misting fan reduces airborne allergens such as dust, mold particles, and pollen.

The Joape Hurricane Misting Fan cools and moisturizes up to 1000 square feet of indoor or outdoor space, blowing 6000 CFM.

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Technical Specs

Joape Misting Evaporative Cooling Fan - Hurricane Techs and Specs

  • Air Flow
    6000 CFM
  • Mount
    Wall Mounted Brackets Included
  • Noise Level
    74 db
  • Voltage
    110 volts
  • Electricity Consumption Watts
  • Electricity Consumption Amps