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  • Joape Misting Evaporative Cooling Fan - 353 CFM - 110/220V - TWISTER

    - white - 353 CFM - 110/220V - 1 gallon water

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The Joape Angra / Twister Misting Fan is a state-of-the-art Evaporative Cooling Fan that can be placed on a tabletop or counter. This Joape fan cools up to 200 square feet, indoors or outdoors, and blows 500 CFM of chilled, refreshing air into your space. Weighing 12 pounds, this misting fan is easy to use and transport.

Produces Dry Mist
The Joape Angra / Twister produces a dry yet refreshing mist that won’t puddle or leave you feeling damp because of Joape’s patented disk technology, which allows for maximum cooling without the high-pressure pumps of most mist coolers. Water is broken down into 4-10 microns (smaller than average) before being delivered into the air as ultra-fine mist. The use of a disk system means you won’t have to unclog nozzles or replace filters. This misting fan is safe to use indoors as a supplement to air conditioning.

Portable and Convenient
All you need to use your Joape Angra / Twister Cool Mist Fan is a regular 110-volt outlet and water to fill the 1-gallon reservoir. It’s only 12 pounds and has a carrying handle for easy transport to a campsite or garage. This compact model takes up less than a square foot of space. It runs for 1 to 3 hours on 1 gallon of water. Since it’s quiet, putting out as much noise as a regular speaking voice, you can use it anywhere.

Additional Features
Mist and Speed Adjustment—Regulate mist control depending on the volume of mist you want to flow out of the fan. Eliminate Odors—By circulating dry, stale air, the Joape Bob Fan freshens your space and eliminates odors. Allergy Control—This misting fan reduces airborne allergens such as dust, mold particles, and pollen.

The Joape Twister / Angra Misting Fan cools and moisturizes up to 200 square feet of indoor or outdoor space, blowing 353 CFM and weighing 12 pounds.

What Customers Love
Compact Yet Effective—Even though this model is only 12 pounds and takes up less than a foot of space, it cools up to 200 square feet of space. Eco-Conscious—This misting fan is an environmentally-friendly way to cool your area, indoors or out. It’s engineered by a green acclimatizing company in Brazil.

Things to Consider
1-3 Hour Runtime—The Joape Angra / Twister Table Fan has a 1-3 hour runtime per tank. Look for a model with a bigger tank if you need a longer runtime.

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Technical Specs

Joape Misting Evaporative Cooling Fan TWISTER Techs and Specs

  • Air Flow
    353 CFM
  • Runtime
    1 to 3 Hours per tank
  • Reservoir
    1 gallon
  • Noise Level
    60 db
  • Voltage
    110 volts
  • Electricity Consumption Watts
  • Electricity Consumption Amps
  • Dimension Length
    16 Inches
  • Dimension Width
    10 Inches
  • Dimension height
    23 Inches
  • Weight
    12 pounds

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