Bath and Kitchen Fans, Room to Room Fans, Garage Fans and Fan Accessories

  • Fantech Fans - Bath Exhaust Fans - Inline Fans  = v96

    Fantech Bath Inline Exhaust Fans

    Fantech Inline exhaust Fan Kits with or without lights, one or two grille housings

  • Qmark Marley Bathroom Exhaust Fans = v190

    Marley Bathroom Exhaust Fans

    Marley Bathroom Vent Exhaust Fans with or without lights. Several different models for different sized bathrooms

  • Fantech RVF Exhaust Fans - Bath and Kitchen = v201

    Fantech RVF Exhaust Fans

    Fantech Bath & Kitchen Exterior Mounted Fan for Ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms

  • Airflow Breeze Room to Room Register Booster Fans (Floor or Walls) = v29

    Air Flow Register Booster Fan

    Air Flow Register Booster Fan Room to Room. Set your target comfort level and the built-in temperature sensor takes over

  • Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilators - SH, VH, AEV Series = v205

    Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilators

    Fantech's line of Heat Recovery Products can help you solve indoor air issues with better ventilation. Heat Recovery brings fresh air from outside into your house

  • Fantech Bath Exhaust Fans Accessories and Controls = v13266

    Fantech Bath Fan Accessories

    Fantech Bath Fan Accessories such as Controls and Timers, Hoods, Ducts and Replacement Bulbs

  • Tamarack Cape Back Draft Dampers = v259

    Tamarack Cape Backdraft Damper

    Cape Backdraft Damper one way air flow valve is much better than traditional dampers for bathroom fans

  • Fantech DBF 110 Dryer Booster Fans / Vent Booster Fans
 = v9208

    Fantech Dryer Booster Fan DBF110

    With the Fantech DBF 110 increase dryer efficiency, Save money - shorten drying time. Dryer activity automatically operates booster fan

  • Honeywell Timers for Fans and Lights = v11283

    Honeywell Timers

    Honeywell Timers for Ventilation Fans, Lights and other small loads. Perfect for Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

  • Tamarack In-Door Return Air Pathway = v156

    Tamarack In-Door Return Air Pathway

    Tamarack R.A.P.'s (Return Air Pathway) are passive pressure balancing ventilation for forced air heating or cooling systems

  • Fantech Bath Fan Conversion Kit - BFRK 100  = v983

    Fantech Fan BFRK100

    Fantech Bath Fan Conversion BFRK 100 Retrofit Kit converts existing Bath Fan into an Inline Fantech Bath Fan

  • Qmark Marley Air Hog Portable Blower Fan = v9951

    Qmark Marley Air Hog

    Qmark Marley Air Hog Portable High Velocity Blower for high velocity air movement

  • Tamarack Dragon Garage Fans = v130

    Tamarack Dragon Garage Fans

    Tamarack Garage Fans Exhausts toxic fumes Quiet operation and easy installation

  • Qmark 15 Minute Timer - 1010A = v7909

    Qmark Bathroom Timer 1010A

    Qmark Energy Saving timers use no electricity to operate and are designed to replace any standard wall switch

  • Tamarack Perfect Balance In-Door Return Air Pathway - TTi-RAP-D = v9480

    Tamarack Door Air Pathway TTi-RAP-D

    Perfect Balance In-Door Return Air Pathway is an inexpensive option for solving indoor pressure imbalances caused by the HVAC system