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Heat Transfer Solar Collectors use high efficiency twin-glass evacuated tubes to absorb solar energy and convert it into usable heat. Freeze protected heat pipes transfer heat from within the evacuated tube up to an insulated copper header pipe through which a heat transfer liquid is circulated. Suitable for domestic or commercial applications, Heat Transfer Solar Collectors maintain strong efficiency levels even at high delta-t temperatures. For this reason Heat Transfer collectors are ideal for cold regions and high temperature applications.

  Heat Transfer Solar Panels - HP-30SC Technologies

  A heat pipe acts like a high conductance thermal conductor. Due to its thermal-physical properties, its heat transfer rate is thousand's times greater than that of the best solid heat conductor of the same dimensions. The basic heat pipe is a closed container consisting of a capillary wick structure and a small amount of vaporizable fluid.

 A heat pipe employs an evaporating-condensing cycle, which accepts heat from an external source, uses this heat to evaporate the liquid (latent heat) and then releases latent heat by reverse transformation (condensation) at a heat sink region. This process is repeated continuously by a return feed mechanism of the condensed fluid back to the heat zone.

In the solar collector, the condensation zone is at a higher level than the evaporation zone. The transport medium condensed (in the condensation zone) returns to the evaporation zone under the influence of the gravity. Then, there is no need of capillary wick structure.

The maximum operating temperature of a heat pipe is the critical temperature of the used heat transfer medium. Since no evaporation/condensation above the critical temperature is possible, the thermodynamic cycle interrupts when the temperature of the evaporator exceeds the critical temperature.

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Technical Specs

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Basic Collector Data

  • Collector Size
    30 Tubes
  • Overall Length of Frame Front Track
    80 Inches
  • Overall Height of Frame Front Track and Manifold
    6.14 Inches
  • Overall Width of Manifold
    86.4 Inches
  • Absorber O.D. Inner Tube x Exposed Tube Length
    25.8 feet
  • Aperture I.D. of Outer Glass Tube x Exposed Tube Length
    30.3 feet
  • Gross Area
    46.8 feet
  • Gross Dry Weight
    208 Pounds
  • Fluid Capacity
    24 oz

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Copper Header Specifications

  • Copper Header Specifications Material
    99.93% Copper
  • Length
    L + (X – 1) x 2.759 + 9.45
  • Header Dimensions
    0.7 Inches OD x 0.047 Inches M Grade Copper Pipe
  • Brazing Rod Materials
    45% Ag, 30% Cu, 25% Zn (BAg45CuZi) & 93% Cu, 7% P (Bcu93P)
  • Inlet & Outlet
    0.866 Inches Inches OD x 0.039 Inches
  • Temperature Sensor Port
    0.039 Inches OD x 0.039 Inches
  • Recommended Flow Rate
    0.026G/Tube/min (10tube=0.26G/min)
  • Max Flow Rate
    3.9G/Min (15L/min)
  • Max Operating Pressure Rating

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Manifold Casing and Insulation

  • Manifold Length
    L=(x-1) x 2.759+6.3
  • Height
    5.15 Inches / 130mm
  • Width
    5.512 Inches / 140mm
  • Tube Spacing
    2.759 Inches / 70mm
  • Manifold Material
    0.03 Inches Alum (Grade 5005-H16)
  • Glass Wool Insulation
    4.36 lb / ft

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Frame

  • Material
    0.059 Inch 439 Stainless Steel
  • SS Tube Clips
    301 Stainless Steel
  • Bolts, Washers and Nuts
    304 Stainless Steel and 5005-H16 Aluminum

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tubes

  • Tube Length
    70.8 Inches
  • Outer Tube Dimensions
    2.28 x 0.07
  • Inner Tube Dimensions
    1.85 x 0.07
  • Weight
  • Glass Material
    Borosilicate Glass 3.3
  • Absorber Material
    Graded-Index Coating AL-N
  • Thermal Expansion
    3.3 x 10-6°C
  • Absortance
    >92% (AM1.5)
  • Emittance
    <8% (80°C)
  • Vacuum
    P<5 x 10(–3) Pa
  • Stagnation Temperature
  • Heat Loss
    <0.8W (m_°C)
  • Maximum Strength
    120psi / 0.8Mpa
  • Absorber Area per Tube
    0.86ft / 0–08m
  • Heat Transfer Fins
    0.0078 Inches

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Heat Pipes

  • Length
    70.8 Inches
  • Material
    0.314 Inches OD x 0.027 Inches Oxygen Free Copper
  • Condenser Dimensions
    0.78 Inches OD x 1.18 Inches
  • Heat Transfer Liquid Purified Water
  • Maximum Working Temperature
    577 Degree F°
  • Startup Temperature
    <86 Degree F
  • Vacuum
    P<5x10(–3) Pa
  • Vertical Installation
    Angle 20-70 Degrees
  • Spring Plate
    0.8mm/0.03 InchesAluminum(Grade 5005-H16)
  • Spring
    301 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Washer
    1.5mm/0.05 InchesAluminum( Grade 5005-H16)

Solar Spectrum 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Rubber Components

  • Material HTV Silicone Rubber
    (UV Stabilized)
  • Density
    1.15g/cm +/ minus 0.05
  • Durometer Hardness
    50 to 70 (Depending on Components)
  • Elongation
  • Rebound
  • Max. Working Temperature
    577 degrees F
  • Tensile Strength
    6.4 Mpa
  • Tear Strength
    12.5 KNM

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