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Caleffi Solar Heating offers prepackaged, specially engineered, complete, integrated Solar Water Heating Systems that make the most of the sun’s abundant energy. All materials are highly reliable and work together to ensure superior system performance. Caleffi's complete package is ready to be professionally installed quickly and easily. All of this plus the added assurance of a detailed warranty plan.

Caleffi's Solar Water Heating System is equally compatible with newly constructed or existing homes, and its flexibility allows a variety of installation options, ranging from roof installations to ground mounts.

This Caleffi Solar Water Heating system kit is intended for 4 to 6 person households and includes the following:

Solar Panels

(0) - No Solar Panels Are Included in this System 

Solar Storage Tank

(1) - NAS20123 - 119 gallon SolarCon storage tank, Single Heat Exchanger coil (lower coil), 1 temp well, electric element backup

Pumping Station

(1) - 255060A - Dual-line solar pump station with fittings for connecting 3/4 inch SolarFlex

(1) - 255001 - Expansion tank wall mounting kit with 3/4 inch straight thread double-check valve

(1) - 259025 - Expansion tank, 7 gallons, 3/4 inch straight thread connection

(1) - NA267003 - Bracket kit to mount solar pump station to storage tank, includes bracket and hardware

(1) - 10 gallons Solar Premixed Propylene Glycol to -50%

Solar Controller

(1) 257260A iSolar Plus with 2 speed control relay outputs and 4 input sensors plus data connection which allows for connection to optional iSolar DL2 Datalogger with internet connection.

(1) NA15005 lightning surge protector for collector sensor.

Panel to Pump Plumbing

(1) - NA35001 - EPDM insulating foam tape to wrap exposed piping, 1/8 inch thick x 2 inch wide x 25 foot roll, UV resistant

(1) - NA35002 - Black film tape to wrap foam tape, 2 inches wide x 30 foot roll, UV resistant

(1) - NA3540-15 - 3/4 inch Caleffi SolarFlex stainless steel piping, 50 foot coil with fittings to attach directly to solar pump station and collector. Includes sensor wire.

(1) - NA12133 - Pipe hangers for 3/4 inch SolarFlex (Pack of 4)

Pump to Tank Plumbing

(2) - NA10093 - Solar 90 degree brass elbow, 1 inch male union half for tank HX connection

(2) - NA3140-02 - 3/4 inch SolarFlex with insulation 6 foot long for tank HX connection to bottom solar pump station

Air Vent and Other

(1) - 250041A - Automatic solar air vent - 1/2 inch NPT male, 360 Degree F rated

(1) - NA29284 - Shut-off air vent valve - 1/2 inch NPT Male x Female, 360 Degree F rated

(1) - NAC62TT6241 - Cross assembly 1/2 inch NPT Female x 1 inch union Male x temperature well x 1 inch Male union for collector sensor

(1) - Miscellaneous fittings, gaskets, nuts and hardware kit


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