• Sioux Chief Potable Plumbing PEX Manifold - 672X1090

    - 10 Ports - 1/2 inch PEX Crimp Connectors - 3/4 inch Trunk PEX Connector - closed other side

    Product ID • SIOUX672X109

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Sioux Chief Potable Plumbing PEX Manifold - 1/2 inch 10 Port by 3/4 inch PEX insert (closed) - 672X1090

This PEX Manifolds is for Domestic Water Systems using PEX Tubing and connected to the main trunk line with Copper Tube.  Can be used for heating applications, but we sugguest you look at our Sioux Chief PEX Manifolds for Heating instead.


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Technical Specs

Sioux Chief PEX Plumbing Manifolds (PEX End / Closed End to PEX Tubing) 672X1090

  • 3/4 Inch PEX x Spin Closed Trunks
  • 1/2 Inch PEX Branches
  • 1 Inch Type L trunk
  • Branches are 2 Inches on-center
  • Great as a secondary manifold

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