• Housepex 1/2 inch Pex Tubing Crimp Tool - 1202 TA

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HousePEX 1202 TA PEX Crimping Tools & Crimp Tool. PEX Crimping Tools For PEX Tubing. PEX Tubing Tool Crimper for  1/2 inch PEX Tubing.

PEX Crimp Tools are used to clamp PEX Tubing onto copper pipe or brass fittings. PEX Crimping Tool uses copper crimp rings to secure a successful connection. The PEX Tubing Crimping System is also easy to use and an economical option for attaching PEX to a fitting. The PEX Tubing Crimp System is used with any standard ASTM size PEX pipe such as HousePEX, Viega, Heatlink or Safelink PEX (Except Aluminum PEX Tubing). The PEX Crimp Tool 1202 TA is compatible with 1/2 Inch PEX Tubing.

The Oetiker Stepless PEX Tool for PEX Clamps for Plumbing 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch PEX Tubing. Stepless design provides uniform compression for a 360 degrees watertight seal that is removeable if needed at a later date.

Both the PEX Crimping Tool with copper Crimps and Oetiker Stepless PEX Tool will work with PEX Plumbing Pipe, PEX infloor or PEX underfloor radiant heating.

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