• Heatlink 1/2 inch by 500 foot roll of Purelink Plus Plumbing A-PEX - Red Striped - 21505

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You can plumb your entire house with Heat-Link Plumbing PEX. The HeatLink Potable Water System features PureLink PEX-a tubing, the EasyFit manifold system. The unique HeatLink PEX-a process is based on a method developed during the 1970’s and uses organic peroxide to chemically cross-link the polyethylene during the manufacturing process. The PEX-a process produces a higher degree and greater uniformity in crosslinking, resulting product with significantly improved material properties with respect to temperature, pressure, strength and chemical resistance. Press sleeve technology has been used for decades worldwide in plumbing systems, and has also been used extensively for pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

HeatLink’s superior potable water system carries all necessary approvals for North American installations, and offers significant advantages and benefits in comparison to both copper and most common PEX plumbing systems in use today.

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Technical Specs

Heatlink Plumbing PEX-A Red Strip 1/2 Inch 21505 500 Feet Features

  • Most Flexible PEX Tubing available for Plumbing Systems
  • 1/2 Inch - 500 Foot Length
  • Red Strip for hot water lines (Can be used for either cold or hot)
  • Non-O2 Barrier
  • PEX A Tubing
  • UV Stabilized for up to 1 year in direct sun
  • Kinks can be fixed with heat and without cutting
  • ASTM and NSF Certified
  • Made in USA

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