• Softub Portable Electric Hot Tub - 140 Gallons - T140-PP

    - For 1-2 People With Port Exterior and Pearl Interior Liner

    Product ID • T140POPE0000

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The Softub Spa T140-PP is a durable, lightweight, revolutionary hot tub that meets your needs for true portability and energy efficiency.

Softub has ushered in a new era in relaxation, offering a go-anywhere spa that is efficient and affordable, with features and technological advances that make it comfortable, safe, and inexpensive to operate. Inside Softub spas’ deceptively simple appearance is a bounty of technological innovations, including its unique soft-but-remarkably durable wall construction and its ingenious heat recovery system that keeps water at an ideal temperature using only a standard 120V, 15-amp wall outlet! Softub Spas are easy to set up—just follow our 1-2-3 process!

Softubs use our revolutionary heat recovery system, which uses the heat created by the pump motor to heat the water.

This means that your operating costs that are a fraction of the cost of a hard tub, a reduction in service problems, and an extension of the life of the motor, since our system helps keep it cool.

How Much to Operate? Less than $10 per month! Softub hot tubs are remarkably inexpensive to operate. The calculations is based upon California Energy Commission protocol, using a 220 Softub every day for 20 minutes, with jets on. The water temperature was maintained at 102°F at all times, with an outdoor average ambient temperature at 60°F. Using the national average cost. So for us New Englanders - we will see a higher bill, but still much less than a normal 220-volt typical hot tub.

Houseneeds, Inc can only sell Softub T-140 Spas in the New England States and Upstate New York.


Softub Hot Tub Spa Exterior Colors for all Softub Spas




Softub Hot Tub Spa Interior Colors for all Softub Spas


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Technical Specs

Softub Portable Electric Hot Tub Port Exterior and Pearl Interior Liner - T140-PP Techs and Specs

  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color
  • Capacity
    1 to 2 people
  • Outer Diameter
    59 inches
  • Inner Diameter
    50 inches
  • Height of Tub
    24 inches
  • Water Capacity
    140 gallons
  • Jets
  • Volts
  • Tub Weight Filled
    1445 Pounds
  • Tub Weight Empty
    50 Pounds
  • Motor Pack Weight
    37 Pounds
  • Lid Pack Weight
    20 Pounds
  • Inner Shell
    Polybond Foam
  • Upholstery
    LeatherTex Marine-Grade Vinyl

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