• Hayn Lines Countersunk Termination Stud Turnbuckle 3/16 inch - 14TTCLL316CT

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The Countersunk Termination Stud system demonstrates similar features as our Termination Stud system, except the end fittings are sunk into the end verticals in the run for a flush look. This system supports flat bar or tube style posts in wire sizes of 3/16". Standard Termination Stud end fittings listed are for 2 Inches thick post configurations; Termination Studs are available for up to 12" thick post configurations. Installation is simple, by using a standard 82° countersink on your end verticals/posts the fitting will insert flush with the face. All hardware is made from high quality 316 grade stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

In addition to new projects, this system proves to be a choice for retrofitting existing rails to meet current codes.



Hany Crimp - Yes

(B) Thread (B)- 1/4-28 UNF

(C) Wire Size (C) - 3/16 Inch

(D) Body (D) - 4 1/4 Inches

(E) Open L (E) - 11 1/4 Inches / 11 Inches

(E) Closed L (E) - 8 3/8 Inches / 8 1/4 Inches

(I) Cap Size (I) - 9/16 Inch

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