• Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hard Wired KN-COSM-IBA - 900-0120 21006377

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The Kidde KN-COSM-IBA 900-0114 Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm provides two important safety devices in a single unit. This Kidde alarm includes a voice warning system that announces "Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Low Battery or Smart HushTM Activation". The voice alarm eliminates any confusion and clearly warns you and your family of a smoke or carbon monoxide danger, or if your battery is in need of replacement. This technically advanced combination alarm includes 9 volts battery backup providing protection even during a power outage when many incidences occur. The Kidde KN-COSM-IB is an easy to install alarm that is suitable for all living areas and has a 5 year limited warranty.

Please Note: The Kidde Alarm KN-COSM-IBA (900-0114) replaces Firex 12000.

Need to replace old Firex alarm?

Please Note: Unless you are replacing Firex FADC, ADC, and AD, you are REQUIRED to replace ALL your old Firex alarms with this KN-COSM-IB unit. Otherwise, your old Firex units will NOT be able to communicate with this KN-COSM-IB unit. This Kidde KN-COSM-IB model can replace the old CO & smoke Firex model:

Firex 12000 - Firex FADCQ 7000

Since old Firex and new replacement have different wiring harness, the existing wiring harness needs to be changed.

If you don't want to rewire, you need to get a quick convert adapter Kidde KA-F and perform 3-easy-step installation:
1.Replace the ceiling mounting bracket
2.Install KA-F adapter and attach existing wiring to the alarm.
3.The new alarm will now be interconnected and compatible with your Firex alarm system.

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Technical Specs

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COSM-IBA - 900-0120 21006377 Techs and Specs

  • Model
  • Power Source
    120 Volts
  • CO Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Audio Alarm
    85dB at 10 Feet
  • Battery Backup
    9 Volts Battery
  • Temperature Range
    40 Degrees F to 100 Degrees F
  • Size
    5.75 Inch diameter x 1.8 Inch depth
  • Humidity Range
    5% to 95% relative humidity (RH)
  • Weight
    1 Pound
  • Interconnects
    Up to 24 Kidde Devices
  • LED Green
    Receiving ACV power
  • LED Red
    Alarm mode
  • Warranty
    10 year limited

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COSM-IBA - 900-0120 21006377 Features

  • Smart InterconnectTM - Interconnects up to 24 Kidde devices (of which 18 can be initiating)
  • Battery Backup (9V battery included) - Provides protection during power outages
  • Battery Lockout System - Minimized risk of mounting unit without installation of battery
  • Alarm Tamper Resist - Helps deter from tampering and theft
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket - Makes installation fast and easy
  • Peak Level Memory - Announces "CO previously detected" if alarm had detected a CO level of 100ppm or higher since it was last reset
  • Smart HushTM Feature - Silences nuisance alarms for approximately 10 minutes. (Smoke must be present before Smart HushTM is activated)
  • Ionization Sensor Technology - Ideal for detecting fast flaming and other types of fires