• Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Digital Display - Peak Level Memory - Battery Operated - KN-COPP-B-LPM - 21008872

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The Kidde KN-COPP-B 900-0146 Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the only battery-operated alarm that includes a backlight digital display feature. This key feature adds an advanced level of protection that you have come to expect in a Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarms. The Kidde KN-COPP-B 900-0146 battery operated CO alarm includes multiple mounting options allowing installation on a wall or tabletop. This alarm has been carefully designed and tested to detect CO concentration in a residential environment.

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Technical Specs

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COPP-B-LPM 21008872 Techs and Specs

  • Model
  • Power Source
    Battery - 3 AA
  • CO Sensor
  • Audio Alarm
    85dB at 10 Feet
  • Temperature Range
    40 Degrees F to 100 Degrees F
  • Size
    5.50 Inch diameter x 1.4 Inch depth
  • Humidity Range
    5% to 95% relative humidity (RH)
  • Weight
    1 Pound
  • Warranty
    5 year limited

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COPP-B-LPM 21008872 Features

  • Battery Operated - Provides best protection during power outages
  • Digital Display - Shows CO level in PPM (parts per million). Updates digital reading every 15 seconds allowing you to see if levels change
  • Backlit Display - To help see the displayed reading in the dark, a backlight appears during the peak level cycle. The light will turn on when the peak level button is pressed
  • Peak Level Memory - Displays the highest CO concentration measured since the last reset
  • Test/Reset Button - Tests CO alarm circuit operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm
  • Low Battery Signal - Alerts user when the batteries need to be replaced
  • Front Load Battery Door - Provides easy battery access that reduces battery replacement time
  • Battery Safeguard - Makes it difficult to close the cover without batteries in the unit