• Regency Classic Wood Insert Hearth Heater - H2100M

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The Hearth Heater combines the best qualities of the Classic Wood Stove Inserts series. It eliminates the cold draft of an open fireplace and, because it sits out on the hearth, gives you both convective and radiant heat.

You can build a custom look for your Regency Hearth Wood Stove Insert. Select either a black cast door, the 24 karat gold plated door or black with gold or nickel accent door.

There is something about a storm that brings out the community in people when they feel safe and warm. The Regency Hearth Wood Stove Insert Heater has been designed to provide you with warmth and convenience even when your power is out. So, invite the neighbors over and enjoy a camp style meal indoors around your reliable Regency wood burning fire.

Serving the northern towns of: St. Albans, Vermont, Newport, Vermont,Plattsburgh, New York, Burlington, Vermont, Middlebury, Vermont, Montpelier, Vermont, Waterbury, Vermont, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Randolph, Vermont, Rochester, Vermont, Killington, Vermont and Rutland, Vermont. Please call for availability in your area.

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Technical Specs

Regency Classic H2100M Standard Features

  • Metallic Black Body
  • EPA Certified
  • Single rod draft control
  • Brick-lined firebox
  • Airwash system
  • Convector airmate (built-in)

Regency Classic H2100M Optional Features

  • Cast iron door in gold, black, gold accent or nickel accent
  • Cast iron legs in gold, black or brushed nickel
  • Regular or oversize faceplate
  • Brass faceplate trim
  • Nickel hinge caps and handle
  • Regency stainless steel flex liner kit
  • 2-speed blower

Regency Classic Hearth Heater HI2100M Specs

  • Faceplate Dimensions Standard Width
    40 1/4 inches
  • Faceplate Dimensions Standard Height
    30 inches
  • Faceplate Dimensions Oversized Width
    48 inches
  • Faceplate Dimensions Oversized Height
    33 inches
  • Maximum BTU
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Maximum log size
    18 inches
  • Burn time (typical)
    up to 8 hrs
  • Emissions (grams/h)
    3.5 g/h
  • Firebox size
    1.6 cu. ft
  • Flue size
    6 inches
  • Min. Fireplace Openings Width (front)
    8 inches
  • Min. Fireplace Openings Height
    28 inches with legs
  • Min. Fireplace Openings Height
    28 inches without legs

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