• Napoleon Automated Pellet Stove - Rear Vent - NPS45

    Product ID • NAPNSP450000

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Napoleon Wood Pellet Stove - NPS45 pedestal model wood pellet stoves. Pellets are a renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient... these are just some of the reasons a Napoleon pellet stove is the perfect solution to heat your home. The freestanding stove conveniently provides zone heating furnace performance. The Napoleon Pellet Stove NPS45 gives you uncompromising pellet performance year after year with the comfort of knowing you have selected a product made with true craftsmanship and advanced technological innovations.

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Technical Specs

Napoleon Wood Pellet Stove NPS45 Specs

  • Width
    22 1/2 inch
  • Depth
    26 5/8 inch
  • Heigth
    30 1/2 inch
  • High Output
    43,000 Btu
  • Low Output
    8,000 Btu
  • Hopper Size
    55 Pounds
  • Burn Rate
    1 to 5 pounds of Pellets per hour
  • Exhaust Flue Diamater
    3 Inches
  • Intake Flue Diamater
    2 Inches
  • Mobile home approved
  • Outside combustion air
  • Blower
  • Electrical Rating
    115 volts / 3.6 Amps
  • Weight
    210 Pounds

Napoleon Wood Pellet Stove NPS45 Features

  • Full BTU range from 8,000 to 40,000 (may vary depending on pellet quality
  • Convenient top, front pellet loading for easy fueling
  • Automatic ignitor
  • Variable speed auger and variable speed blower provide maximum comfort and control
  • Heavy-duty, 1/8 inch thick, seamless heat exchange tubes radiate heat into the room even after the stove is shut down
  • High velocity and strategically positioned burn pot features aerodynamic pellet distribution creating full, active YELLOW DANCING FLAMES
  • Easy push open access control panel
  • Hinged door for convenient access to combustion chamber for routine maintenance... no tools required!
  • Handy burn pot removal tool/rake
  • Built-in heat exchange cleaner rod maintains cleanliness and efficiency of heat exchange tubes
  • Extra large capacity ash pan for convenient, easy ash removal and maintenance
  • Zone heating home furnace
  • A Napoleon Go Green environmentally friendly product: pellet fuel is a renewable resource
  • Clean glass air wash system
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty

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