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The M&G Dura-Vent 5GVL45 chimney pipe Type B vent is used with Category I natural gas and propane fueled appliances like furnaces, water heaters and boilers, and fireplaces. The M&G Dura-Vent 5GVL45 chimney pipe is made with a durable double layer construction. The components in this system join with secure twist-lock connection and the entire system requires only a 1 inch clearance to combustibles.

M&G Duravent heavy duty gauge aluminum liner provides fast warm-up for a quick, strong draft and corrosion resistance for safe, trouble-free performance. Duravent male and female ends are hemmed to add structural integrity, preventing ovalization. Hemmed edges also eliminate sharp edges that can cause job site injuries. The Dura-Vent 5GVL45 inner liner is recessed to avoid damage in handling. Die formed ends provide consistent fit, easy twist-lock assembly, and proper alignment. Inverse beads add rigidity and ensure proper spacing between the inner liner and the outer wall. The inverse beads also serve to seal the air chamber between the inner and outer walls. As a result, the inner liner heats up rapidly and remains hot during the operation of the appliance, minimizing the effects of condensation

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Technical Specs

Duravent Galvanized 5 inch B Vent 45/60 Degree Adjustable Elbow Pipe 5GVL45 Specs

  • Pipe Class
    Type B
  • Inner Diameter
    5 Inches
  • Elbow Angle
    45 Degrees
  • Adjustable Angle
    0 to 60 Degrees
  • Flexible Usable Length
    3 to 10 Inches
  • aluminum inner liner
    .012 Inch
  • galvanized steel outer wall
    .018 Inch

Duravent Galvanized 5 inch B Vent 45/60 Degree Adjustable Elbow Pipe 5GVL45 Features

  • Category I Vent Pipe
  • For Natural Gas and Propane Gas fueled appliances Only
  • Resilient dual-layer construction
  • Secure twist-lock connections
  • Requires only 1 inch clearance to combustibles
  • 25 year warranty
  • UL and ULC Listed
  • Do not use Type B Vent for Category II, III, or IV gas appliances
  • Always refer to gas appliance manual and all local and national codes

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