• Duravent PolyPro Pipe - Single-Wall Polypropylene Venting System for Condensing Boilers - 3 inch Adapter Connector - Must use with Appliance Adapter - PPS-PAC

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DuraVent PolyPro PPS-PAC 3 Inch Adapter Connector used to secure the Appliance Adapter and is required in most locations. Also, can be used for intake air applications and may also be required in your location - check local code.

Duravent PolyPro  is designed to allow a max temperature of 230 Degrees F and should be used on some of the Condensing Boilers and Condensing Tankless Water Heaters that we sell. Zero Clearance to combustables for up to 190 Degrees for both Vertical and Horizontal instllations. Up to 230 Degrees is Zero Clearance for Vertical installs and 1/4 inch clearance for horizontal instllations.

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Technical Specs

Duravent PolyPro Pipe Polypropylene PPS-PAC Features

  • The PolyPro Venting System is specifically designed as vent System - not Drain System like PVC or CVPC
  • Can be disassembled for inspection or cut to desired length
  • Gasketed Joint System. No Adhesives required. Male and Female Connections
  • Terminations are designed for superior performance in bad weather environment
  • Terminations are made with Black UV resistant Polypropylene so there is no break-down due to sun exposure.
  • Tested and Listed to the ULCS636 Standard in Canada. Rated as Class IIA, IIB and IIC Vent System