• Bosch Concentric Vent/Air Intake Kit Stainless Steel - ESHCK-FULL-KIT

    - Works with the Bosch 940 ES and 830 ES


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This Bosch ESHCK-FULL-KIT can be used for most heaters that requre CAT III Stainless Steel Venting and are going to be vented through the sidewall. Some of the Bosch Tankless Water Heaters that use this are the 830ES, 940ES and older models such as the 250SX, 2400E and 2400ES.

Sidewall Venting Kit - add additional vent pipe as needed.

ESHCK-FULL-KIT Vent Kit Includes:

Qty: 1 - Bosch Aquastar Concentric Vent/Air Intake Kit
Qty: 1 - Z Vent Termination Tee for 3 inch Pipe
Qty: 1 - Z Vent 90-Degree Elbow 3 inch diameter
Qty: 1 - Z Vent 3 inch by 3 Feet lenght straight piper

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