• Rinnai Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters - 21 inch Termination Kit - 223177PP

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This part works for - For Rinnai Condensing Water Heaters & Boilers


Rinnai Condensing Tankless Water Heater and Rinnai Condensing Boilers Standard 21 inch Sidewall Vent Kit  - 22317PP.

The Rinnai Standard 21 inch Sidewall Vent Kit  22317PP works for all Rinnai condensing boilers and condensing water heaters.

1 - 90° Elbow
1 - 20 1/2 inch Straight Pipe - Coaxial Pipe (Pipe within a Pipe)
1 - Wall Rubber Plate

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Technical Specs

Rinnai Condensing Venting - 21 inch Termination Kit - 223177PP Features

  • Engineered especially for gas appliance venting
  • Positive fit and lock allows for installation assurance
  • Two layers of pipe equals two layers of protection
  • Seals at every joint expand and contract with weather and temperature changes, so there's no flexing or cracking in the venting
  • No flammable, messy or harmful glues, cements, or solvents are used
  • Zero clearance to combustibles
  • Single penetration through wall for both intake and exhaust

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