• RV550 Recreational Vehicle Propane Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater

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This is the first and only instantaneous tankless water heater specifically designed for recreational vehicles (RV). The RV 550 is made to replace conventional tank type heaters.

It allows all of the RV owner's family to shower comfortably by producing endless hot water. It is not limited to a few minutes supply of hot water as with low-end tank type units.

The RV-500 efficiently and conveniently with up to 55,000 BTU's of power. At a flow of 1.5 gpm it can provide shower temperature water with incoming temperatures as low as 40 degrees. A 20 pound tank of propane (a barbeque-type tank) will provide approximately 940 gallons of shower temperature water.

The RV-550 is quiet and efficient. For the same amount of propane the RV-550 produces 15% to 20% more hot water. And because you are not constantly reheating a tank, many people find that they use 50% less propane.

Whatever the incoming water temperature, the patented gas modulation of the RV-550 gives you consistent water temperature. Water as hot as you want it for as long as you want!

Specifically designed to replace a tank water heater in your RV.

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Technical Specs

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Specs

  • Type
    Gas instantaneous, direct vent water heater designed for recreational vehicle and mobile home use. Full gas modulation temperature control
  • Flush Dimensions
    18.5 Inches Wide x 18.25 Inches High with rounded corners
  • Surface Dimensions
    13.5 Inches Wide x 13.5 Inches Deep x 14.5 Inches High
  • Weight
    27.5 pounds
  • Rough-in dimensions
    Add 1/4 Inches to above dimensions. For retrofit, see special directions
  • Clearances
    Zero clearance top, bottom and sides. 2 inches in back for hook-ups
  • Construction
    Modular, three assemblies; gas, electronics and water
  • Burner
    High primary air, 12 element, atmospheric type. Aluminized steel body with stainless flame strips
  • Heat exchanger
    Copper fin tube type with wrap for cooling
  • Electronics
    Plug in, works-in-a-drawer
  • Case and flue assembly
    Galvanized with painted aluminum access door (polar white or colonial white; surface or flush mount)
  • Mounting
    One inch mounting flanges with corner pieces and door jamb included. Must be mounted in accordance with local codes or in absence of local codes, Manufactured Home Standard, Title 24 CFR, Part 3280 or Recreational Vehicle Standard, ANSI A 119.2/NFPA501C
  • Hook-ups
    Electric: 18-2 x 2 ft lead
  • Gas
    Brass 3/8 inch flare inside case rear or side accessible
  • Water
    1/2 inch OD copper tubing. Brass compression to 1/2 inch NPT elbow can be installed or as specified
  • Fuel
    Propane at 11 WCI
  • Capacity
    55,000 Btu input - 42,500 Btu output at maximum burn at 8.5 WCI manifold pressure.15,000 Btu input - 9,600 Btu output at low burn at 1.2 WCI manifold pressure (85°F temperature rise per gallon per minute continuous flow at high burn)
  • Fuel consumption
    2.55 lbs per hour at maximum input. ( At 2 GPM of water, 20 lbs of propane will produce over 940 gallons of hot water)
  • Power
    12 VDC at 1 amp. Operating range is 9 to 15 VDC
  • Flue gas temperatures
    Under 300°F
  • Water temperature
    Factory set at 115° F. Can be field adjusted 90° to 135°F
  • Leakproofing
    Case is sealed from interior of coach. Bottom is sloped to channel water out of unit. Hook-up plumbing is gasketed
  • Gas train
    Burner is a 12 element high primary air, atmospheric type with stainless steel flame strips. Aluminum manifold with brass pressure tap. Orifices, brass # 71 x 12
  • Modulating valve
    Solid brass conduit with 3/8 inch NPT ends. Control is non-intrusive into gas cavity using no seals, pushrods or diaphragms. There is a 5:1 gas flow ratio con-trolled by a magnetic field actuating movement of a poppet in and out of a fixed orifice
  • Gas Valve
    Redundant solenoid with integral two stage regulator and 1/8 inch NPT pressure tap
  • Heat exchanger
    Solid copper, fin tube type, 6 fins per inch with copper combustion chamber with 1/2 inch tube wrap to cool assembly
  • Water Hook-ups
    1/2" OD copper tubes
  • Water Flow meter
    Plastic rotary type with encapsulated magnetic rotor and Hall plate. Clear plastic observation port
  • Water Pressure relief valve
    Approved, set @ 100PSI
  • Misc Water
    All other hardware in contact with water is brass or NSF approved composites
  • Controls
    Microprocessor, controlling ignition, flame proofing, safety systems and electronic gas modulation temperature control. Control boards are mounted in a removable drawer, coated, with plug-in connectors protected with an anti-oxidant compound
  • Ignition
    Direct spark type with two 2.5 second ignition attempts
  • Flame proofing
    Rectification, shutting gas valve off in .8 of a second if proofing fails. Ignition and proofing is effected by a single stainless probe at the burner
  • Temperature sensors
    Three thermistors, one senses incoming water temperature (mounted on cold water line of heat exchanger), one senses temperature midway through heat exchanger (mounted in stainless probe with compression fitting on the heat exchanger), and one senses outlet temperature, (mounted to hot water outlet on the heat exchanger)
  • Flow meter
    Senses rate of water flow, (mounted on inlet water pipe)
  • Temperature control
    Maintained by microprocessor controlled gas modulation that de-livers output water temperature within ±2°F by sensing water flow rate and three temperature inputs
  • Safety Features
    The Model RV 500 is pilotless. There is no flame unless water flow is sensed
  • Flame rectification
    Gas valve shuts off in .8 of a second if there is a flame outage. Redundant gas solenoid. Electronic high temperature shut-off (two). ECO high temperature shut off @ 165°F with manual reset. Pressure relief valve at 100 PSI. Direct vent with combustion chamber sealed from inside of coach
  • Model RV-500 Operation
    When unit is powered, the microprocessor activates the gas modulation valve and per-forms component diagnostics. A green LED will flash for normal operation, red will indicate a malfunction, signified by different codes. The unit will remain dormant until the rotary flow meter senses at least .4 GPM of water flow. The gas modulating valve will be set to its ignition value, the spark will be effected and the gas valve will open. Ignition will occur and the flame will be proofed. The microprocessor now reads water flow rate, and incoming water temperature, calculates the required gas flow to maintain set temperature and sets the gas modulation valve to the proper setting. The water temperature is then monitored by the thermistors midway and at the outlet to make any minor corrections in gas flow. If there is any change in water flow or incoming water temperature, the microprocessor recalculates and makes any required adjustments. The unit continues to produce hot water until water flow is stopped and the burner turns off

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Wind Protection Fan #1703 Features

  • The RV-550 can be affected by swirling or gusting winds. Gusting winds may affect the consistency of the water temperature. Slide-out compartments that are on the same side as the water heater will create turbulences. If you have a slide-out room on the same side as the water heater you need the Wind Protection Fan. In some circumstances, the internal wiring can become singed. If you have a slide-out room or use your RV where wind gusts are common such as the desert or shore areas or use your RV at high altitudes, the Wind Protection Fan is strongly recommended. The Wind Protection Fan can be easily retrofitted.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Cold Weather Package #1966 (includes #1703 Wind Protection Fan) Features

  • Instantaneous water heaters only come on when you turn on the hot water tap. Therefore, anytime the temperature drops to 32°F (0°C), they are susceptible to freeze damage. The RV-550, however, will turn itself on* for short periods of time as the temperature approaches freezing. This will protect the unit down to temperatures of 20°F (-6°C). If it will be used in temperatures lower than this the Cold Weather Package is required. The Cold Weather Package includes heating wire with a plug-in, insulation and the Wind Protection Fan. The Cold Weather Package will protect the RV-550 at temperatures as low as -20° F (-29°C).** The Cold Weather Package is a factory installed option.
  • *If power and gas are left on. ** If plugged in and the power and gas are left on

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