• RV500 Cold Weather Protection Package - 1966

    - includes wind protection - now included with RV550 Water Heater

    Product ID • RV500COLD034

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Instantaneous water heaters only come on when you turn on the hot water tap. Therefore, anytime the temperature drops to 32°F (0°C), they are susceptible to freeze damage. The RV-500, however, will turn itself on* for short periods of time as the temperature approaches freezing. This will protect the unit down to temperatures of 20°F (-6°C). If it will be used in temperatures lower than this the Cold Weather Package is required.

The Cold Weather Package includes heating wire with a plug-in, insulation and the Wind Protection Fan. The Cold Weather Package will protect the RV-500 at temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C).** The Cold Weather Package is a factory installed option.

*If power and gas are left on.
** If plugged in and the power and gas are left on.



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