• Powerstar Electric Tankless Water Heater - AE9.5

    - 208/240 Volt - Hard Wired

    Product ID • PS1000100999

  • $180.75
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Imagine never waiting for hot water again. Install a PowerStar Point-of-Use tankless hot water heater close to a faucet and you will have an endless supply of hot water - in an instant!

PowerStar AE9.5 should be used where input water is warm.

All PowerStar Hot Water Heaters fit under your sink and is ideal for sinks remote or independent of a main source of hot water. You will get hot water instantly - the Powerstream is perfect for those remote sinks - review all our PowerStar electric tankless water heaters.

PowerStar was designed to provide an endless supply of hot water for bathrooms and hand washing sinks that are not connected to a larger hot water source.

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Technical Specs

PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heater AE-9.5 Specs

  • Volts
    208v / 220v / 240v
  • Kilowatts 208v
    3.5 / 7.1kw
  • Kilowatts 240v
    4.75 / 9.5kw
  • Amps 208v
    18 / 35
  • Amps 240v
    20 / 40
  • Hard Wired
  • Weight
    6 lbs
  • Height
    7 inches
  • Width
    15 inches
  • Depth
    5 inches

PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heater AE-9.5 Features

  • Exclusive adjustable heat setting selector
  • Model AE12 comes with a built-in thermostat
  • Mounts in any direction
  • No standby heat loss... saves on energy
  • Mounts almost anywhere Saves installation costs
  • Tough durable plastic housing
  • Lead Free construction
  • Copper Heat Exchanger

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