• Z Supply eZe Flex Insulated 1 inch Potable Water Pipe - eZe FLEX POTABLE

    - Per Foot - Must order a Minimum of 50 Feet


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Z Supply eZe Flex Insulated 1 inch Potable Water Pipe - Per Foot - Must order a Minimum of 50 Feet  - eZe FLEX POTABLE

Z-Supply Insulated PEX Tubing for outdoor wood boilers. Above or below ground options with full lenghts of between 50 and 246 or 250 feet. 

Z-Supply Insulated PEX Tubing for outdoors wood Boilers and other outdoor insatllation where you want hot water to move from one location to another. Z-Supply eZe Flex line of "Superior Quality Insulated Underground Supply" is manafactured in Muskegon, Michigan. Z-Supply offers to lines of Insulated PEX Tubing - EZe Flex for underground installations. PEX tubing without an Oxygen barrier.

Z-Supply Insulated PEX Tubing Underground supply that tests show has a tempertaure loss of less than 1 Degree F per one hundred foot giving you the confidence to install eZe Flex. Z-Supply is the only company to offer a wrapped supply for use above ground as well as below and in rough conditions.

Confidence in a trouble free install and Quality Control measures assure that you will be happy for years to come with the Z-Supply Insulated PEX tubing.

Z-Supply is the only manufacturer to use a white outer casing, has foot markers and is the only company making their insulated pipe using Silverfoam. Silverfoam has 40% better thermal performance than standard PE foam.

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Z-Supply Insulated PEX Tubing - eZe-Flex Features

  • Underground Instllations Only
  • Watts 1 Inch PEX Tubing
  • Extra heavy outer layer @ 160 gpf of co-extruded HDPE resists damage
  • 16 Inch bend radius
  • White outer layer for assurance of damage free installation
  • End Caps are Optional
  • Three layers of our Silverfoam
  • Radiant Barrier retains 95% to 98% of radiant energy
  • Dead Air Space has insulation value
  • Foot Markers every 25 feet

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