Thermalboard Comparisons vs Other Options

Thermalboard vs Cement / Gypsum

Thermalboard vs Cement / Gypsum  with 3/8 Inch PEX tubing


Thermalboard vs Cement / Gypsum  with 3/8 Inch PEX tubing over wood subfloor

ThermalBoard's thin profile makes it excellent for retrofits

ThermalBoard is excellent for small projects, whereas cement and gypsum are impractical and expensive in the same circumstances

Many jobs are lost due to resistance to pouring slabs or thin slabs that would not be lost with ThermalBoard

ThermalBoard can be installed in cold weather without fear of freezing Double plating adds about 18 cents a square foot to the cost of a home and is needed with thin slab pours

Many jobs are lost to perception of slow response time of cement systems. ThermalBoard accelerates rapidly and is appropriate for control with a simple setback thermostat or can be remotely controlled for weekend use

cheduling of ThermalBoard can be more closely controlled, no trucks to wait for!



Thermalboard vs Warmboard

Thermalboard vs Warmboard for above floor Radiant Heating

ThermalBoard can go in later in a project, thus reducing time that piping is exposed to damage

ThermalBoard is more cost-effective

Pipe is not run under walls with ThermalBoard

ThermalBoard is easily utilized in retrofits

ThermalBoard is easier to cut and custom routing is easier than with Warmboard