• Sioux Chief - PEX Manifold Hydronic Systems - 672CB0342

    - 3 Port - 1 inch Male SW By 1 inch Female SW - 1/2 inch Compression Balancing Valve Ports PEX Connectors

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Sioux Chief PEX Manifold Hydronic Systems with 3 Ports and 1 inch Male SW By 1 inch Female SW and 1/2 inch PEX Compression Balancing Valve Ports - 672CB0342. 

Used for Hydronic PEX Radiant Floor Systems and other hydronic heating systems inwhich you need a 3 Port manifold. Use 1/2 Inch PEX to attached via a compression fitting and you do not need any tools for this. This product allows you to balance the flow of water throught the pex lines. This is a good thing as almost always you need to balance pex lines within a manifold as some areas will get too much heat and others not enough.

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Technical Specs

Sioux Chief - PEX Manifold Hydronic Systems - 3 Ports - 672CB0342 Techs and Specs

  • Ports
    3 Ports
  • Size
    1 Inch Female Sweat x 1 Inch Male Sweat Trunk
  • Branches
    1/2 Inch PEX Branches with Balancing Valves
  • Branches On Center
    2 Inches
  • Compression Fitting

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