• 320 Square Foot Underfloor PEX Radiant Heat Package

    - 1/2 inch by 500 foot roll of Oxygen Barrier PEX-A - 2 Port Housepex Manifold - 20 feet of Protection Sleeve - 4 Plastic Bend Supports

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Under Floor for up to 320 Square Feet - 8 Inches on center. 

This PEX Underfloor Kit is used for up to 320 square feet floor with a typical layout. You can look at our learning center for more info or Info & Links on this page.  Supply requirements will vary from job to job. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This Underfloor Heating Systems a specific size of floor heating. For larger PEX systems, please look at our larger underfloor heating system packages. 

This PEX Radiant Under Floor PEX Package includes:

One - 500 Foot PEX Rolls of 1/2 Inch Oxygen Barrier HousePEX PEX-A
One - 2 Port Housepex PEX Manifold
Two - 10 Foot Length of Protection Sleeve
Four - Plastic Bend Supports

Optional Products:

Slide Brackets - for suspending PEX Under the Floor
Zip Ties - To attach the PEX Tubing to slide brackets to keep PEX from Moving
Heat Transfer Plates - the most efficient way to send the heat from the PEX to the floor
Talon Clamps - cost effictive way to attach to under the floor
Peter Mangone Clip Guns and PEX Clips - another efficient way to attach PEX to under the floor
Foil Insulation - when using anything than transfer plates - you need to use foil insulation to refelect radiant heat up to the floor and create a dead air under the floor
PEX cutter - to cut pex cleanly
Pressure Test Kit - required by code in many locations that PEX is installed in pressurized condition 

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Technical Specs

Additional Items for Radiant Heat Under Floor Package 320 - Optional Products

  • Slide Brackets
    76 Brackets for 320 Square Feet
  • Zip Ties
    2 or 3 Bags
  • Extruded Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates 4 inches by 48 inches
    120 Plates for 320 Square Feet
  • Talon Clamps
    152 Clamps for 320 Square Feet
  • 16 Inch Foil Insulation
    2 Rolls
  • Pressure Test Kit
    With 1 Inch by 1/2 Inch bushing for use with optional 1 inch ball valves and Teflon tape for assembly
  • You can purchase these products by clicking images under related products on the right side of this page and quantity that you may need of optional items may vary from project to project

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