• PEX Tubing 3/4 inch Talon Clamps H25-075 - full circle

    - 50 count

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3/4 inch PEX Tubing Talon Clamps - full circle - 50 count H25-075. Used for attaching 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing to wood and is set off 1/4 inch above the surface of the wood. Used for radiant heating or plumbing applications.  You should attach Talon Clips every 2 feet or so for underfloor radiant heating systems.

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Technical Specs

3/4 inch PEX Tubing Talon Clamps - Full circle H25-075 Features

  • Full Circle Isolating Talon Clamps for 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing
  • Count 50 per bag
  • The most affordable solution to keeping tube off the mounting surface
  • Provides a 1/4 Inch Stand Off - which is better for PEX Radiant Heating Systems
  • For PEX Tubing Systems - attach every 2 feet
  • Preloaded nails
  • Absorbs vibration
  • PEX Tube is not damaged if nail is overdriven
  • Install in alternating directions to ensure secure piping
  • For use with any CTS pipe (copper, PEX, CPVC, PB)