• 1 inch PEX Tubing Full Circle Talon Clamps H25-100

    - 25 Count

    Product ID • TALONFL10002

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1 inch PEX Tubing Talon Clamps - full circle - 50 count H25-100. Used for attaching 1 Inch PEX Tubing to wood and is set off 1/4 inch above the surface of the wood. Used for radiant heating or plumbing applications. PEX Clips can be used for other types of tubing and you should attch pex to wood every 2 feet or so.

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Technical Specs

1 inch PEX Tubing Talon Clamps - Full circle H25-100 Features

  • Full Circle Isolating Talon Clamps for 1 Inch PEX Tubing
  • Count 50 per bag
  • The most affordable solution to keeping tube off the mounting surface
  • Provides a 1/4 Inch Stand Off - which is better for PEX Radiant Heating Systems
  • For PEX Tubing Systems - attach every 2 feet
  • Preloaded nails
  • Absorbs vibration
  • PEX Tube is not damaged if nail is overdriven
  • Install in alternating directions to ensure secure piping
  • For use with any CTS pipe (copper, PEX, CPVC, PB)