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PEX Radiant Heat Transfer Aluminum Plates are used with joist space installation method to enhance heat transfer. Box of 100 plates.

Uses 1/2 Inch HousePEX PEX-A or PEX-C (Or any NSF Certified PEX Pipe) for convenient installation. Plates are 4 1/2 Inches wide by 48 Inches long and .016 inches thick.

When installing HousePEX, Heatlink or Safelink's Mr. PEX tubing under the floor with heat transfer plates you should install the PEX 8 inches on center.

PEX Heat Transfer Plates should be kept as straight as possible so as the PEX expands it will be able to slide quietly.

We suggest you use a chalk line to help line up the plates straight. You should place the plates as close together as possible and at the ends where the PEX curves back to the next line of PEX heat transfer plates we suggest that you support the curve at both ends with a piece of wood between the joists. The wood should have rounded edges and support the PEX as close as possible to the sub floor as you can without having it bind in any way. Doing this should allow the PEX to move at both ends assuring as quiet an installation as possible. Talon clamps are used also in conjunction with PEX heat transfer plates for under floor radiant installations to help hold the PEX neatly to and from the PEX manifold.  



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Technical Specs

Housepex 1/2 Inch PEX Heat Transfer Plate - HTP-4OM Techs and Specs

  • PEX Size
    1/2 Inch PEX Pipe ASTM
  • Dimensions
    4 1/2 by 48 inches
  • Thickness
    .016 inches
  • Quantity
    Box Count 100
  • Type
    Stamped Aluminum

Housepex 1/2 Inch PEX Heat Transfer Plate - HTP-4OM Features

  • Reduced installation time as pex tubing whip is reduced
  • Reliable heat transfer performance
  • Easily stapled or screwed to sub-floor
  • Stamped Aluminum
  • Convenient 48 Inches PEX heat transfer plate length
  • As a result of the panel’s novel design, heating pipe or pex tubing is held securely in place
  • Radiant heat means conduction with heat transfer medium
  • Good performance means high comfort and economy of operation
  • Made in the USA

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