PEX Tubing Radiant Heat Floor Panels

  • Legend Versa Therm PEX Snap Fit Radiant Heated Floor System  = v6853

    VersaTherm Floor Panels

    Creatherm Radiant Heat Floor Panels for 1/2 Inch, 5/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing for Slab Infloor Heating.

  • Thermalboard Modular PEX Radiant Heat Mass for above Floor Radiant Heat = v6465

    Thermal Board

    Thermal Board is a high efficient, low mass, modular PEX Tubing underlayment system for above floor radiant heating systems

  • Creatherm Radiant Heat Floor Panels for 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing = v6460

    Creatherm Panels

    Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels for PEX Tubing offers strength and insulation. Innovative feature is the pre-molded pex tubing channel system

  • Low-E Reflective Foil Insulation for Radiant Heating = v54

    Low-E Foil Insulation

    Low E Foil Insulation. Low-E Under Concrete Insulation. Reflective Insulation Radiant Heating. Under Slab / Under Floor Insulation