• Triangle Tube Smart Tank - Smart 40

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The Triangle Tube Smart 40 Indirect Storage Tanks is ideal for use with any hydronic or radiant heat hot water boiler system. The Smart 40 gallon Tank with high quality of the design and fabrication of these complete stainless steel heaters ensure efficient, maintenance-free operation and continuous supply of hot water.

The decision to use stainless steel for the manufacture of the "Tank in Tank" was made in the 60's. It was chosen for its well established reliability and advantages over other materials. Stainless steel is stable at elevated temperatures above 180ºF, which is not the case for tanks manufactured from mild steel protected by a glass lined coating. It is for this reason that some manufacturers of hot water heater tanks include a clause in their guarantee limiting the DHW storage temperatures to 140°F or even 130°F. Stainless steel, as its name suggests, is resistant to corrosion. The protective coatings in a vitreous enameled tank can be damaged by a shock during transportation, unloading or maneuvering it into position. This is not the case with stainless steel. 

Last, but not least, a stainless steel tank does not need a sacrificial anode. This is a major advantage versus conventional water heaters. Stainless steel is also universally recognized for its hygienic properties and is frequently used in the manufacture of items for the food industry and for surgical instruments. There is little chance of its use being questioned on the basis of it being a health hazard. Conversely, protective coatings, i.e. enameling cannot be examined everyday and their failure could lead to unhealthy consequences.

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Technical Specs

Triangle Tube Smart Tank - Smart 40 Techs and Specs

  • Capacity Gallons
  • Heat Exchangers
    Tank within a Tank
  • Heat Surface (sq. ft.)
  • Boiler Water Capacity (Gal)
  • Boiler Output (MBH)
  • Output Gallons First Hour *
  • Output Gallons Continuous *
  • Output Peak/Flow Gallons/10 minutes *
  • Connections Domestic
    3/4 Inch MPT
  • Connections Boiler
    1 Inch MPT
  • Connections Recirculation
    3/4 Inch MPT
  • Diameter
    22 Inches
  • Height
    46 Inches
  • Weight
    135 Pounds
  • * 90-Degree Rise - 200-degree boiler water supply

Triangle Tube Smart Tank - Smart 40 Features

  • Durable Corrugated Stainless Steel Inner Tank
  • Steel outer tank completly insulated with 2 inches of HCFC free water blown polyurethane foam
  • Sturdy plastic exterior jacket
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for Residential Applications
  • Limited 15 year Warranty for Commerical Applications
  • Made in the USA

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